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Jeff Gettis

Jeff Gettis Works Of Art

Torrington, CT


Mysteries, Stories, and Dreams. Imaginative art for your home, and office collection.

My work represents scenes from my imagination, incorporating dream imagery with traditional influences, and contemporary digital photography techniques. Being a painter for many years has influenced my approach to photography greatly. I create each photograph with a painters eye, spending many hours on each image until my vision is achieved.

Why does anyone own art? Art personalizes our living and working environments, and turns them into more beautiful and engaging places to live our lives. It stimulates conversation and gives us a new perspective on the commonplace. Looking at, and acquiring art can often help us stimulate our own creativity. That is the short answer. Acquiring prints is a great way to to start an art collection. They are an exceptional value and some highly creative work can be found. If you are a new art collector, or long time art lover looking to spice up your walls, you are in the right place!

My paintings, pastels, and photography have been included in many gallery, and museum shows. They hang in private collections throughout the United States.

If you are in search of unique art for your next project such as, book covers, publishing, album / CD art, advertising and T.V., you can Email me directly from my website.
If you need any assistance in choosing paper or framing, feel free to Email me. Click on send private message, above. I would be happy to help you, and answer any other questions you may have. I appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Thanks for visiting.
All images protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any form without authorization from Jeff Gettis.


Original Pastels

Surreal Mixed Media Assemblage photography


Surreal Dreams

Horses - Dreams and Fantasy

Dream And Surreal Still Life

Crows And Birds

Black and White - Sepia - Selective Color

Skeleton Musicians

Art For Dummies

Surreal and Symbolism

Animals - Dreams and Fantasy

Planet Earth

Skulls Masks and The Dark Side

Cars And Trucks Fantasy And Design

Semi Abstract Portraits

A Collection Of Whimsical Ideas And Images